Exercise on a Juice Cleanse?

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I have one of those wonderful super-powered blenders at home that I use to make both fruit and vegetable smoothies. I know that a juicing purist wouldn’t hesitate to remind me that it’s not the same, but it works for my purposes.
Exercise on a Juice Cleanse?I pretty much get this question every time I deliver or guide someone through a juice cleanse. Can I still work out? Should I start working out? The answer totally depends on the person. First things first… Know your body. Listen to your body. Let your intuition guide you. By the way, If your body […]
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A Few Benefits of Juicing  Just a few reasons to add green juice into your life! Check out my instagram at www.instagram.com/melodyorganics to get daily green juice recipes! I also offer cleanses to local residents in the “Boutique” section of the website! Order your custom cleanse today!
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