Vitamin C Antioxidant Superfoods – Try Acerola

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Vitamin C Antioxidant Superfoods – Try Acerola

Vitamin C may improve the body’s defense mechanisms and develop collagen structure. In addition, it facilitates the respiratory process. Vitamin C is recognized as a common yet effective antioxidant.

The antioxidant characteristics associated with acerola make it a perfect component in natural skin care products to battle cellular aging and its signs. Also, the acerola plant had been verified to enhance the de-oxidizing activity associated with soy as well as alfalfa components, behaving synergistically. This can be advantageous in the prevention heart disease.

There’s a possible advantage in making use of acerola as an outstanding source of vitamin C, because in addition to the ascorbic acid there are a number of other beneficial nutritional vitamins present in the berry.

What does the plant look like? Well, this particular small plant or shrub has five petaled blossoms that can be anywhere from brilliant red to pink. Acerola fruit is a cherry-like berry that incorporates many tiny seeds. Fully ripened, fresh fruits tend to be light and good tasting. They’re made up of about eighty percent liquid. The berries degrade swiftly however after they’re been picked.

A bushy plant as much as twenty feet, Acerola’s usually develop several multi-trunked clumps. Trees and shrubs without pollination may set seedless berries. Blossoms usually appear after intervals of rain as well as irrigation so flowering can happen just about any time of year (depending upon regional rain fall as well as temperatures patterns), and may actually go on all year.

Because the fruit rapidy loses quality after harvesting, you won’t see acerola in your local grocery store, which is unfortunate considering the benefits of this powerul antioxidant food. But you can gain the benefits of acerola in AIO- Premium Cellular Health, a nutritional supplement available from Whole Earth Health

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