As I write this the wintertime has Ontario in an icy grip. The greenhouse is frosted around the corners and the holidays are just around the corner. working out this morning the gym was quiet but by January the place will be packed. I’m not worried about that though, because within a few weeks most of the new people will vanish again.
I question, how many of the people who quit way too fast will blame it on a shortage of energy, which is pretty dumb considering the best way to boost your energy is to workout. That’s not just me speaking either. Its the truth.

Our bodies produce energy from the fuel we provide – usually fats, sugars and proteins . First we burn the sugar. Next we burn the protein and finally when the other fuel sources are gone we get around to burning the fat. ( While I think of it, product called ASEA will help you burn fat first- check out the research here), protein lasts a little longer and the longest burning fuel is healthful fat. It melts away slowly, which must be why it’s so darned challenging to lose, but when we workout, the fats in our body along with vitamin D, recycle.

Hard exercise activates your vitamin D which in turn prompts the hormone insulin, which activates your metabolism and then the Vitamin D recycles fat from your bloodstream to feed that furnace that was activated by exercise originally and provides further fuel for more activity.

Its a method that is put into motion when you make that first step to get moving. The more work you do, the more exercise you’ll be ready to do (and want to do) and dare I add, the more energetic you’ll feel?

Naturally, you’ll also have some fat that won’t be burned and it will be recycled within your body in a number of different ways, so its a fantastic idea to only consume the healthy forms of fats. Your brain cells for example are mainly created of fat and so are hormones. With healthy fats in your diet, your brain will be built of healthier fat and your hormones will be better balanced. The same goes for cholesterol- good fats produce healthier cholesterol- bad fats don’t.

We all name fat as the enemy and sure- some types of fats are very harmful. But, we’re really our own worst enemy when we cosy up too much to the couch, our remote controls and our preferred excuses.

If you’re over 30 and feel that your energy levels are below what they should be, you might get a bit of a boost by increasing your glutathione with a glutathione precursor. Click here for information about MAXGXL – a glutathione precursor supplement.

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