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New Product Packaging for Max Products

Posted by on Mar 10, 2015 in Cellgevity, Ingredients, Max N-Fuze, MAXGXL, MaxONE | 0 comments

Max International is rolling out some new product packaging . Among the first products to ship with the new designs are MaxOne and Max N-Fuze.  There’s new packaging on the way for Cellgevity as well. And there’s other changes afoot! If you’re a MaxGXl Sport user – don’t panic but Max is discontinuing that product because- in response to customer feedback they are moving all nutritional products to vegi-caps (which was the only product difference between MaxGXL and MaxGXL Sport). So now – Max GXL, MaxONE and Cellgevity will all come in vegi-caps.   I’ll get the product images on this site up to date as soon as Max International releases the new (and improved)...

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Save on MaxGXL, MaxOne, MaxATP & Max N-FUZE – The Max International Loyalty Program

Posted by on Aug 18, 2011 in Cellgevity, Max N-Fuze, MAX PRODUCTS, MaxATP, MAXGXL, MaxONE | 0 comments

For both new and already loyal users of MaxGXL, Max GXL Sport, MaxONE, MaxATP and Max N-FUZE and Cellgevity, Max International has introduced a Customer Loyalty Program that will add convenience and save you money.  In fact, considering that you can save $19.00 a box on MaxGXL and Max GXL Sport and $15.00 off a one month supply of MAXONE, Max N-FUZE  or a half pack of Max ATP, there are some terrific savings to be had on this program. The offer is simple – Sign up for an autoship and commit to stay on it for at least three months.  In exchange for your commitment to invest in your health for the next three months – you get an incredible deal.  At the end of three months, you will have lived up to your end of the bargain.  After that, should you choose, you can cancel anytime without penalty. If you cancel within the first three months however, there is a cancellation fee of $60.00 for each product unit you have on the loyalty program. Signing up for the Loyalty program is simple.  Call 1-866-993-6243.  We’ll take your information and get you started.  If you’re already an autoship customer, talk to your distributor or call Max International about the Loyalty...

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