RiboCeine, Cellgevity and Glutathione

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In this post I’d like to introduce you to parts 2 and 3 of the Doctors Choice Interview.  In these segments Dr Don Colbert a best selling author and popular media personality and Dr Douglas Harrington – a former member of the transplant team at the internationally famous Stanford University speak about two subjects. The first subject is RiboCeine  – a breakthrough discovery/product developed by Dr Herbert Nagasawa. This is the proprietary product that Max International uses to boost glutathione.   The second part of this audio talks a little more specifically about Cellgevity – a great product for athletes, people under stress, people who are overweight or people who just want to improve their overall health with a boost in their glutathione levels.  The segment also talks about glutathione in the liver and heart – just two of the body’s organs which have a high need for glutathione.   Listen to Segment 2 and 3 by clicking on This Link  ...

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New Product Packaging for Max Products

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Max International is rolling out some new product packaging . Among the first products to ship with the new designs are MaxOne and Max N-Fuze.  There’s new packaging on the way for Cellgevity as well. And there’s other changes afoot! If you’re a MaxGXl Sport user – don’t panic but Max is discontinuing that product because- in response to customer feedback they are moving all nutritional products to vegi-caps (which was the only product difference between MaxGXL and MaxGXL Sport). So now – Max GXL, MaxONE and Cellgevity will all come in vegi-caps.   I’ll get the product images on this site up to date as soon as Max International releases the new (and improved)...

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Cellgevity – New Video From Max International

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Just thought you might be interested in having a look at the newest Cellgevity video from Max International. You’ll notice that the packaging has recently been changed. Also, in response to demand from it’s customers Cellgevity, like all of Max International’s nutrition supplements is now in vegi caps. Here’s the video

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Glutathione

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This is not an original post. It’s a reprint of a talk/presentation given by Dr Daria Davidson on chronic fatigue and the very important impact of glutathione on it.  Yes, it’s a little on the long side, but this is terrific information and if you’re suffering from Chronic fatigue syndrome, worth every word. The original of this article is a few years old and talks quite a bit about MAXGXL which is an outstanding product. But since this time Max has developed new products to support your glutathione, namely MaxONE and Cellgevity. So don’t hesitate to take a look at all three products before you make a choice about which one is right for you. For a quick overview of the differences, you can call our order desk at 1 289 240 7408- We’re working on a new post that compares the products and I’ll drop the link in here when it’s done….. now – onto the wisdom of Dr Davidson.   Lets look at glutathione for individuals with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome… Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a very, very complicated issue. As a matter of fact it’s kind of fascinating because who knows when it actually really became something that we had acknowledged was an issue for a long period of time, we found people with unusual constellations of symptoms, many times the thought was this person just does not want to work or there is a psychiatric cause for it and I know people who suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome before we identified it really suffered because they were oftentimes ignored by their health professionals and often also takes many years to make the diagnosis which adds to some additional frustration. Okay what is glutathione and how does it help with CFS? Glutathione provides many roles inside every cell in your body including helping keep free radicals under control – it’s called oxidation reduction balance, the medical word for that is redox, it affects everything inside the cell including the rate of biochemical reactions inside the cell. Glutathione also cleans up many different free radicals inside the cell. It also performs phase 2 detoxification of heavy metals in the liver, don’t worry about what I mean by phase 2, this phase 2 happens in the liver, heavy metals such as mercury, it also detoxifies organo-phosphate pesticides, chlorinated hydro-carbon solvents, different kinds of hormones that may be in excessive amounts, different foreign bodies, endogenous, which means toxins that are actually created inside of our own bodies as well as things like Tylenol. So phase 2 detoxification is highly dependent on glutathione, it does many, many other things as well. Where is glutathione made in the body? It’s made inside every single cell but the liver makes extra and that extra glutathione is transported outside of the liver cells so there is some glutathione floating around outside of cells, although 99% of glutathione occurs inside of the cell. This is beginning to look a glutathione depletion and chronic fatigue syndrome so I am looking at just a quick review, and I’ll give you some of the years of these studies. First of all, glutathione depletion was first suggested for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 1997. In 1999, another study found that all of their Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients universally had low glutathione levels. Another study published in 2000 and this is kind of interesting this is a side-note but you’ll find this fascinating, this particular study found that patients could be divided statistically into two distinct groups. One having elevated red blood cell glutathione relative to help control people and the other having very, very low glutathione levels in their red blood cells. People with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have low magnesium and that if they have low glutathione in addition, the more difficult it is to help them with supplemental magnesium. When you look at the general population, there are many different factors that will decrease intra cellular glutathione concentrations. First of all, you may not make enough of it, maybe just genetically you don’t make as much as glutathione as somebody else...

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Why Take MaxONE?

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MAXONE is Advanced Glutathione Support from Max International. This revolutionary product will help your body produce more glutathione, which is critical to your continued good health because Glutathione is: An Immune System Booster A Detoxifier A powerful Anti-inflammatory Your Master Antioxidant When we talk about the benefits of supporting your glutathione production, we’re really concentrating on the need to help your body deal with the problems associated with oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is the condition brought about by the unchecked action of free radicals / oxyradicals – damaged molecules that create chains of other damaged molecules within the cells of your body. Left unchecked, these chain reactions leave your organ systems cluttered with the debris of dead and damaged cells which in turn will eventually compromise the organs and your health. More than 74 major diseases and disorders – many of which are usually just written off as the inevitable diseases of aging – are directly associated with oxidative stress. While not necessarily indicative of the cause of the disorder, there is a significant list of medical conditions that are associated with low levels of glutathione. Your brain, your heart and your liver are just three of the major organs in your body that rely heavily on antioxidants to cleanse free radicals to maintain good working health. Antioxidants are Nature’s tools for cleaning free radicals from your cells and Glutathione, which the most powerful antioxidant available to you, is often referred to as the Master Antioxidant. It not only supports the actions of other antioxidants- it is also found in each and every cell in your body- always available when and where you need it. Unfortunately, for the 40+ crowd, the natural production of glutathione slows significantly with aging and as early as your twenties you lose 10-15% of your production capacity every 10 years.. You can’t take Gutathione and have it make much difference for your health. Its made in your body. But MAXONE can help your body to make more of it by providing the raw materials it needs and one of them is Cysteine. What makes MAXONE special is RiboCeine technology which enables MAXONE to protect Cysteine and deliver it On Demand– directly to your cells to support the production of glutathione when they need it. In fact, as a means of boosting your Glutathione levels, RiboCeine has been shown to be 300% more effective than NAC (N-acetyl-l-cysteine). This testing measured important liver glutathione levels.   Return...

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MaxATP Ingredients

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 So, what are the ingredients in MaxATP?  Unlike many store bought “energy products” MaxATP is not a sugar/caffeine cocktail. Instead Max-ATP is a combination of vitamins, minerals and leading edge natural nutrition supplements to support and replenish your body’s healthy production of ATP.   Those ingredients are: Ribose (a natural sugar you body must have to produce ATP) N-acetyl- L-carnitine (which transports long chain fatty acids from the liver to be metabolized by the mitochondria) RiboCeine – a Ribose-Cysteine compound which not only fuels the production of ATP but also supports the production of Glutathione (more) Green Tea Extract – which provides antioxidant support and a NATURAL source of caffeine to boost your metabolism and promote mental alertness. Along with RiboCeine the green tea extract in MaxATP supports your production of Glutathione Rhodiola Rosea – to enhance mental performance and lessen the symptoms of fatigue. You might actually recognize this plant . Looks a lot like one of my garden favourites Quercetin – an antioxidant CoEnzyme Q10  another powerful antioxidant that stays in the mitochondria and supports both energy production and the elimination of toxic wastes B Vitamins The B Vitamins act as coenzymes to help your body break down fats, amino acids and carbohydrates to produce energy.  Magnesium is an essential catalyst in all energy dependent reactions in the body that include the use of ATP Copper supports the synthesis of ATP in the mitochondria which is the part of the cell responsible for energy production Chromium is not produced in the body and must come from diet -which is what the term essential means in relation to nutrient requirements. It helps cells absorb glucose (sugar)  and release energy.  Click on the Logo to return to the purchase...

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