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5 Natural Remedies to Incorporate Into Your Skincare Routine

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5 Natural Remedies to Incorporate Into Your Skincare Routine Instead of buying expensive creams and ointments, consider using these five natural treatments to enhance your complexion and improve your mood.See Original Article HIV transmission MYTH totally blown away by new science: Unprotected sex with HIV-infected partners produces almost ZERO new infections (Natural News) No new cases of HIV emerged among a group of gay men who had unprotected sex with infected partners who were undergoing treatment in a nSee Original Article Natural Chemical Free Ways To Cover Your Greys But with that, do think about the effects of applying harmful products loaded with chemicals to something as sensitive as your hair. Hair colours can …See Original Article Olivia Newton-John steps out for a very special cause after announcing cancer relapse Olivia Newton-John, who recently announced that she's battling breast cancer for the second time, has stepped out for a very special cause.See Original...

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Chemical leak at New Hampshire hospital nearly causes 20 patients and staff to lose consciousness … this is a place of HEALING?

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Chemical leak at New Hampshire hospital nearly causes 20 patients and staff to lose consciousness … this is a place of HEALING? (Natural News) After almost a week of grueling investigation and thorough examination, Exeter Hospital in New Hampshire reopened its operating and emerSee Original Article 6,000-Year-Old Knee Joints Suggest Osteoarthritis Isn’t Just Wear and Tear If you think you’re hearing about more and more people with arthritis in their knees, you’re not just imagining it. Scientists say it’s really happening: Osteoarthritis of the knee is twice as common now as it was before the 1950s, according to a report by NPR. To help with their research, study authors looked at human skeletons from people wSee Original Article Estudio: Miel Manuka Mata Más Bacterias Que Todos Los Antibióticos Disponibles Por Healthy Holistic Living No toda la miel es creada de forma igual. Mientras que los beneficios de la miel cruda, sin procesar han sido bastante documentados durante los siglos, recientemente investigadores han encontrado un tipo de miel, llamada miel Manuka, que puede ser mejor que todos los antibióticos conocidos. La miel Makuna es produSee Original Article 8 Cosas que Tu Mascota Quiere que Sepas Nuestras mascotas no pueden hablar, pero si pudieran, nos dirían muchas cosas.See Original...

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Baby Raccoons Befriend a Fisherman

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Baby Raccoons Befriend a Fisherman Their mother nowhere to be found, a fisherman fed three raccoon babies and built them a shelter, probably knowing they needed protection, but should never be kept as pets. See Original Article The crypto currency ICO craze smells a whole lot like the dot com bubble (Natural News) They’re the wave of the future for companies trying to raise capital quickly using digital cryptocurrency rather than traditional fiatSee Original Article Series talk focuses on simplicity with a natural healer As an example, in an over the phone interview, Herrera mentioned health and using the simple approach by using home remedies and herbals. Lopez …See Original Article Alternativas a Superalimentos Exóticos Por el Dr. Mercola Probablemente sea imposible contar todas las veces que ha encontrado un artículo o estudio acerca de tal o cual “superalimento” que sólo se encuentra en alguna isla exótica o en las selvas de China. La información sobre muchos súper alimentos está en todas partes, y aunque son interesantes y sus perfiles nutricionaSee Original...

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Scientists discover natural remedies to fight prostrate cancer

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Scientists discover natural remedies to fight prostrate cancer Prostate cancer is the second most common form of cancer in men, and the sixth leading cause of cancer deaths in developed countries.See Original Article Earth's 2017 Resource 'Budget' Spent by August 2: Report In a distressing message that indicates we need nearly twice the planet to meet humanity’s needs on Earth, scientists say that as of today, August 2, we already have used up more of Nature’s resources than our planet can renew in a full year, Phys Org reports. The production “calendar” has been calculated since 1986, and arrives earlier eveSee Original Article Natural Healing I recently watched the film “The King's Speech” starring Colin Firth. It's a great film, describing how King George VI overcame his stammer thanks to the …See Original Article Effective ways of cleansing the arteries from cholesterol Atherosclerosis is a common chronic disease characterized by its own progression. Atherosclerosis, the symptoms of which are manifested on the …See Original...

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Bulletin board, Saturday, July 22, 2017

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Bulletin board, Saturday, July 22, 2017 Nature provides food and natural remedies for us in the form of many plants. Join us on a hike focused on wild edible & medicinal plants. No collecting …See Original Article How to make castor oil With the rate at which most people are 'going back to their roots' and learning to use natural remedies while gradually leaving products with harmful …See Original Article 8 benefits of gomutra or cow urine that will surprise you! Do we need to take some of the exaggerated claims of the healing … Analysis on the natural remedies to cure dandruff/skin disease-causing …See Original Article Why you shouldn't try to escape America to avoid the coming collapse (and subsequent chaos) (Natural News) With the signs of economic collapse, political turmoil and social chaos becoming more apparent to almost everyone, many people are askinSee Original...

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From the Publisher's Desk – Give me a large mug of sage tea

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From the Publisher's Desk – Give me a large mug of sage tea Thomas Edison once said “Until man duplicates a blade of grass, nature can laugh at his so-called scientific knowledge. Remedies from chemicals will …See Original Article BRAINWASHED: Climate change activists have been convinced to support the very thing that will murder Mother Nature and collapse our world: Reductions in carbon dioxide (Natural News) If there is one thing people ought to know by now, it’s that you can’t believe everything you see on TV or read on the internet. ButSee Original Article Best male enhancement products – The best male enhancement Erectile dysfunction home remedy the for through do the regarding the 3 Geological the and or or understanding to trial. Byla Best International used …See Original Article Chocolate nutrients known as "flavanols" confirmed yet again to strongly boost brain performance and prevent cognitive decline (Natural News) Chocolates and kids don’t really match, at least according to their parents or nannies who just want to have a peaceful night. You’vSee Original...

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