Autumn Equinox Mini Cleanse

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Have you noticed that you’re putting on a bit a weight as the weather starts to cool? It happens to me (every year) and this year Im going to take a smarter approach – before I start freaking out over how I look in a holiday dress.
I think the best way to start a diet is with a cleanse- somehow I feel that it sets you up for a better start.  I like the Detox Cleanse diet on the Beyond Diet website but here are some other ideas that have great value as well
Autumn Equinox Mini CleanseGo into this Fall season feeling your best with this DIY cleanse. I usually use the 16 oz jars and make 6 juices to get me through the day however my client really didn’t want a bunch of bottles clinking around all day. So I created 3 easy to make flavors and she drank half […]
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Acai LoveDo you love Acai Berries? Have you tried them yet? Acai Berries are a healing, immune boosting, energy stimulating fruit from Brazil. Living in the US, I haven’t had the pleasure of trying freshly picked berries but I absolutely love the frozen packets made by the company Sambazon! Just plop 1 packet in the blender […]
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