Animal House: K9 Fit Club raises awareness of pet obesity

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Hey, laugh all you want but when your beloved pet departs a few years earlier than he/she should have because you overfed and failed to provide enough exercise, believe me, you’ll feel terrible.  Besides, an under exercised pet can easily be subject to behavioral problems.
Animal House: K9 Fit Club raises awareness of pet obesity“Excess weight for dogs brings on numerous health risks, with obesity playing a role in decreased life expectancy. It’s time to regard pet obesity as the …
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Childhood obesity is a terrible problem on so many levels.  It’s easy to over indulge your child with too many sweets, too many trips to the fast food outlets when you don’t have the energy to cook.  And its heartbreaking to watch the effects that obesity can play on your child’s sense of self esteem….and then there’s the physical issues.

Obese Kids Face Greater Risk for Heart DiseaseThe adverse long-term influence of obesity and elevated blood pressure on left ventricular remodeling begins in childhood, according to findings from …
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