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If you’d like to support your good health with a cost effective and practical idea, you can try increasing your levels of Glutathione. MaxGXL® -the glutathione accelerator is the ideal solution. Max GXL® provides a unique combination of nutrients including Vitamin C, L-Glutamine, N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) and Alpha Lipoic Acid (all supported with a proprietary nutrient blend to aid in absorption) that provide your body with the food it needs to produce Glutathione. Bottle of MaxGXL

What Is Glutathione? Glutathione is a tripeptide molecule that we all produce naturally. A tripeptide is a combination of three amino acids that are joined with peptide bonds. Glutathione boosts your immune system and detoxifies your cells. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that boosts your immune system and helps your body to detoxify and repair damage caused by an inadequate diet, trauma and injuries, your aging systems, environmental pollution, every day stress, infections, drugs, and radiation.

Glutathione (GSH) is best known as the Master Antioxidant. It’s found in each cell of your body. The immediate presence of glutathione within each cell means that it is immediately available to prevent oxidative damage.

You’ve probably already heard of free- radicals or oxyradicals which at this moment are busily stealing electrons in millions of your cells in order to return to a stable state and in so doing are creating new free radicals. Left unchecked, this ongoing chain reaction will eventually cause irreparable damage to your cells, killing them and leaving the dead cells to clutter up your organ systems eventually damaging them in the process or corrupting the DNA leading to mutated cell replication. Antioxidants – (one of the most powerful being glutathione) can stablize free radical molecules and stop the chain reaction.

Glutathione is in every type of cell, including your immune system cells that combat disease. It’s an incredibly important element for your sustained good health and every adult should have an active interest in increasing their declining production of glutathione.

Why Increase Glutathione? – Because with additional Glutathione, you’ll be better able to naturally detoxify your body, enjoy increased energy and support your Immune system. Research has demonstrated that subjects with low levels of glutathione are more vulnerable to chronic illnesses often the result of sustained cellular inflammation thats a sympton of free radical damage. It has the potential to fight almost any disease caused by free radical damage which includes many chronic conditions associated with aging.

Two Very Big Problems

  1. As early as our thirties, production of Glutathione declines dramatically and our available supply is reduced by 10-15% every ten years. By the time we’re in our 40’s our glutathione levels are not much better than your average octagenarian.
  2. Oral glutathione supplements have not proven to be effective as the glutathione is not well absorbed by your body when taken as an oral supplement.

But, MAX GXL® is not a Glutathione supplement -it’s a precursor- something that supplies you with the raw materials to manufacture your own glutathione. Experts agree that supplementing with the right precursors measurably boosts the level of glutathione within the cells of your Results of MaxGXL Glutathione studiesbody.

MaxGXL® is the Glutathione Precursor which was developed by Dr H. Keller. His solution represented such a significant breakthrough development in raising Glutathione levels that it was awarded a composition patent in the United States – something usually reserved for pharmaceuticals.

How effective is MaxGXL® ?

After only three months of using MAXGXL® daily, patients experienced a 400% increase in Glutathione levels. Simply stated – IT WORKS.

We offer MaxGXL® for the best 1 x wholesale price of – $69 or Agree to a 3 Month Autoship and Pay Only $50*

* Plus Shipping and Taxes as Applicable
“You have been bombarded regarding the importance of antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin D3 and a plethora of others in foods and nutritional supplements. All of them are important. They all pale in comparison to those your body creates everyday.” -Dr. R. H. Keller

Testimonials for MaxGXL®
“Within Three to Four Days I Felt a Difference..”Ernest Chang

“On taking MAXGXL at his managers suggestion while training in 2007…..”Within three to four days, I felt a difference,” he says. “I had a sustained energy level. I sleep better at night and need less sleep than before I started taking Max. My trainer-recuperation ability increased greatly. Not only did I recover faster for each workout, I also recovered faster between sets. The best way I can describe it is like my lungs felt supercharged. Other huge differences were my increased strength and my number of repetitions.”
Ernest Chang – Police Officer & Body Builder

” I Started Experiencing Overall Increased Energy..” Tom Jones

“Shortly after I started taking MaxGXL® I started experiencing overall increased energy, quicker recovery time after training 5 to 7 hours a day and — most importantly for me — I have experienced little to no swelling in my hips, knees, back, elbows and shoulders after training sessions. I can now see myself being an extreme endurance athlete for years to come, thanks to MaxGXL®.”
Tom Jones 44 Years Old Two Time World Champion Thai Kick Boxer, Extreme Endurance Athlete

Diagnosed with Cancer in 2003 that Cost Him a Kidney– Dr John Kindle

“The science behind this product made absolute sense to me
I started to use the product myself and advised my patients about what I had found. In my personal life, I have experienced incredible energy and my recovery time playing squash amazes me, as I play athletes 20 years younger I am. I am sleeping more soundly, as well.”
Dr. John Kindle (Ontario, Canada) Practicing physican for 34 Years

The Evidence supports MaxGXL®-

All That Remains Is Where’s the Best Price?

Or Call 1-289-240-7408

Fast, Friendly and Expert, Personal Service


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  2. I’m very sorry not to have responded earlier. But, if you have not already ordered this product, you can do it online at this site:

    or you can call Phone: (02)403-5716
    When they ask you for your sponsor ID tell them 327788 – Lorraine Green

    Again – sorry for being so slow!


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